Gary Giacomini Open Space Preserve

The 1,500-acre Gary Giacomini Open Space Preserve, located at San Geronimo Ridge Rd, Forest Knolls, CA 94933 is a perfect spot to observe wildlife, birds and foliage. Hiking trails are available in the area. Hikers can also enjoy the area's rugged terrain. A visit to this Forest Knolls CA attraction will leave you with a lifetime of memories. And it's also free!

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In this 1,500-acre preserve, visitors can see a variety of wildlife, birds, and foliage. Hikers can explore the preserve's rugged terrain to experience the diversity of plants and animals that make the area so unique. Hikers can also take advantage of the park's picnic areas and restrooms. Once they've had enough fun exploring the preserve, they can head to a local restaurant for a meal.

Hikers can explore this 3.5-mile hike, which features a shady forest. This preserve barely escaped development. The community's opposition helped stop the planned Skye Ranch from going ahead. However, the property was purchased by Marin County in 1991, and the Marin Community Foundation contributed to the purchase. Giacomini served as a county supervisor for twenty-four years.

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When planning your visit to Forest Knolls, California, be sure to include a day at the 1,500-acre preserve. Hiking trails through the preserve allow you to experience the diverse foliage and wildlife. You can also spot various species of birds, and see the different kinds of wildlife that live in the area. While hiking, you can enjoy the rugged terrain and admire the surrounding scenery.

This scenic drive in Forest Knolls offers special scenery. You'll pass through dwarf cypress and redwood forests, as well as scrubland and chapparal. You'll also see wild orchids and a rare invasive species of Marin manzanita. If you're lucky, you'll even see a soaring bluebird!

Visitors can hike through the 1,500-acre preserve, which features abundant foliage and wildlife. The hikes provide a variety of experiences, including birdwatching and viewing wildlife. You can also enjoy the rugged terrain and do some hiking yourself. Once you've finished your hike, consider taking a picnic lunch to enjoy on the ridge.

This 3.5-mile hike will lead you through a diverse forest and a secluded area. The trails are mostly shady and have been largely protected since its development. The ridge was nearly developed in the 1970s, but community opposition to the plan resulted in its preservation. Eventually, the Marin County Board of Supervisors began acquiring the land. A local community foundation funded the acquisition in 1995. The preserv's founder, Gary Giacomini, was instrumental in saving it from development.

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